Ed. 4764 – Internet Safety

After making my way through the many links presented in Module 6, it is apparent that students need to be taught about the dangers present online at a very early age. It actually pains me to think about the fact the internet, which is a wonderful tool to access information of all kinds, is often used by people to exploit others. It is further disheartening to know that children and young adults are targeted so frequently on various capacities. I found this particular site to be incredibly informative and a great resource for parents and educators alike.

Although polls and surveys, like this one:

show fairly positive results of parents talking to their kids about internet related risks, the topic is one that should be prevalent in school curriculum as well. Considering how much the internet is used on a daily basis by many students, teachers, and people in general, I believe lessons should be taught about internet safety across subjects. Meaning, beyond just offering specific internet related content in a computer and technology class, all subjects should address various internet related issues in some degree. If not full-on lessons, at least frequent reminders every time a student logs on to use the net, or in assignments catered towards the issue.

One thing I find most unfortunate is the constant struggle to use software/other resources to keep the “bad stuff” blocked from student access. It is basically impossible to keep all unwanted content away from students, and it can be further frustrating when software blocks out access to legitimate online resources. With internet and technology continually evolving, I doubt there will ever be a perfect fix for this issue, and this is why it is crucial for teachers and parents to play such a huge role in teaching children about the variety of some very real dangers.

I found the following mouse pad online and think it would be a really good thing to incorporate into school computer labs:

It is a little bit pricey, but I think a school would be smart in either purchasing these mouse pads, or creating their own with the same list of rules.


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