Ed. 4764 – Finding Resources Online

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To be blunt, I personally think  Google is one of the very best things found online. While it is the websites found using the search engine that provide me with the information I am looking for, 9 times out of 10 it is because I used Google that my search yields such relevant results. Of all the websites I frequent on a daily basis, Google is definitely at the top of my list for its ease of use and variety of results it produces. A quick look at the Wikipedia article shows the search engine as being the most used engine online and it is no wonder, to me, why that is.

Looking for an image like this? Use Google Images.

Looking for a video like this? Use Google Video.

In addition to the above two examples, Google provides further applications for books, maps and much more.

When I was developing my online presentation, Google is where I turned to find a great deal of the content I included, and from years of using the service I could do so with ease. Like any search engine, a person is still required to do some digging to ensure what they are finding is relevant, but Google seems to yield the best results in my opinion. It is also very straight forward and easy to narrow your search results on this site, and I find it to be incredibly accessible. Even with the University’s access to online journal databases, I still find myself using Google Scholar at times, which also yields some great results.

A final thought on the link provided in Module 7:

Very happy with the inclusion of this in the weeks content. While I have learned the importance of each of these points throughout University, this website is a wonderful resource to look back to for refreshing my memory. I love that it is not only applicable to me as a teacher, but contains information that will further benefit students I may teach in the future. Students need to be made aware of what is authentic and the ways they can identify such resources.


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