Ed. 4764 – Online Communication

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I think that email is a great tool for parent/teacher communication for a number of the reasons mentioned in module 10. Like it was mentioned, it is fast, convenient, and incredibly popular. Although text messaging does seem to be growing in popularity, email will always be a staple resource for me to use, since I quite frankly am not the biggest fan of texting. Furthermore, I think it would be a bit odd text messaging my students parents to speak with them, thus I will probably be sticking with email, phone, and a class website in the future.

My bias against text messaging aside, the thing I like about email is the ability to provide a great deal of information if need be, as well as being able to attach documents when required. This is great for in the classroom since students and/or their parents can be emailed missed assignments due to illness, and parents can be contacted in an additional way than the phone. Since it can be tricky getting a hold of parents by phone, what with the “stay-at-home” parent seeming to shrink, email is a great alternative when it seems like you just can’t get through. 

Especially with the advances of “Smart Phones“, it is also easier for people to realize they have received an email, thus being able to respond in much less time than before.

Heck, with phones like the one above, a person can practically never touch their computer and still be able to access many of the resources available on the web.

Email aside, I also think the implementation of Teacher Logic in schools is an effective tool, as it allows parents a way to check up on their child’s grades at anytime. Along with any additional notes provided by a teacher, they are privy to see if their kid is staying on task and completing their work. It is also great for teachers to be able to have access to all their students information, from parent contacts, to addresses, etc., and to also have a picture of the student included. Putting a face to the name is especially helpful when trying to remember a class of thirty!

I found the following video rather humorous:

A good idea to teach students to create a professional email account for use on resumes etc. ^_^


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